Track surveying
Supervising contractors during work in progress
Making sure tracks are safe for train movements, including the writing of plans

Welcome at BB Railadvies BV

Since the company was established in 2005, BB Railadvies BV is a partner with a proven reliability in rail construction.
A variety of different clients have engaged BB Railadvies BV for successful rail-related cooperation. They include engineering firms, ProRail and independent contractors who are keen to enlist the experience of BB Railadvies BV, not only for our commitment and proficiency, but above all for our creative and solution-minded working method.

The strength of BB Railadvies BV lies in supporting organisations by using our original approach instead of thinking in terms of the usual systems. Through the way we work, we encourage out-of-the-box thinking by clients so as to obtain for them a fundamentally better solution. This often results in closer cooperation.
BB Railadvies BV works in a structured and controlled way, keeping a watch on the overall project but without losing sight of the details.